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Siouxland Zombie Walk

Siouxland Zombie Walk

Category: Web Design, Logo Design, Web Administration, Flash Development

For this Sioux City, Iowa-based non-profit, I designed this website from the ground up. I also designed the logo, provided some of the web content, and even created the Flash movie in the banner. The Siouxland Zombie Walk is an annual event which draws hundreds to downtown Sioux City in order to raise money and awareness for a different charity ever year. In 2011, they raised money for the June E. Nylen Cancer Center. You can click on the logo to the left to be taken to SZW website. You may also click to see T-shirts I helped design for marketing purposes front and back.

Les Faeries Vertes

Les Faeries Vertes

Category: Web Design, Graphic Art Design

Les Faeries Vertes are a non-profit, Seattle-based 501(c)(3) that raise money every year for a selected charity. In 2011, they raised several thousand dollars for the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research. For this project, I acted as graphic artist (designing their mast head for use on their website and promotional materials). The logo was done by their own in-house artist, so I cannot take credit for that piece. You can click on the image to the left to be taken to the Les Faeries website. You may also view an example of marketing outreach I collaborated on, the Member Application and Request Form.


Quorum Review IRB

Quorum Review

Category: Web Content Writing

The second largest institutional review board (IRB)in the United States, Quorum Review, Inc., provides oversight and review for pharmaceutical trials on human participants in the U.S. and Canada. I am currently an Editor here, and periodically contribute written web content to their e-newsletter, The Quorum Forum and the FAQ section of the website. You can click on the image to the left to be taken there.


Quorum Review IRB

The Weekender Articles

Category: Journalism; Web Content Writing

I once worked for an Arts & Entertainment newspaper in Sioux City, Iowa called The Weekender. It was published by an online entity known as The Siouxland Network. Initially hired as their Graphic Designer, I was soon drafted into the writing team. In the role of a Writer, I had the opportunity to explore the city and find interesting stories and events. Some of my stories were published both online and in the newspaper (the links below require Acrobat Reader to view them):


Lithe Card

Illustration Specimens

Category: Illustration

My first love in life was drawing. To coax an idea out of your mind and give it form was my original super power. Click the following links to see examples:
The Organ Grinder
Tina Modotti


Lithe Card

Captured Photographs

Category: Photography, Digital Color Correction, Photographic Refinement

Click the following links to see examples of my own photograph and color correction skills:

In A Mirror Darkly


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